#PrisonsKill Essays

“Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami

Image by @sleepapointment NY Penal § 70.25 (5)(c) Disciplinary Code Rules and Regulations: 1.00 For those who are intimately familiar with these charges, then you can identify my struggle and the battle I have been fighting for more than two decades. Unfortunately, I face this extreme method that guarantees I will never see the lightContinue reading ““Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami”

Free Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah!

Image in black and white of Rev. Dr. Al- Fatah Stewart in Massachusetts at the time of the alleged crime in NY. He is wearing a suit and rimless black sunglasses and adjusts his tie as he looks at the camera (Source: Rev. Dr. Stewart) “My name is Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah Sha Sha Stewart. I’veContinue reading “Free Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah!”

Foreigners – By Safear

Image by @sleepapointment Sweat won’t stop leaking from my crevices. Droplets cascade under my arms like an avalanche. I’m slow broiling in the body heat of the foreigners around me. Their strange smiles and funny smells, the mix of Gucci fragrance and lavender lotion is giving me a headache. “How does it feel?” they askContinue reading “Foreigners – By Safear”

Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – By Jason Renard Walker

Image courtesy of @sleepappointment – white lettering against a black background, “Protect Who? Reimagine Safety #AbolitionNow” above an image showing riot police in riot gear in black gear with white outlines with red x’s over their faces, to a symbol indicating the role of police in creating/fostering/embellishing settler colonialism, capitalism, anti-Blackness, ableism, cisheteropatriarchy, white supremacy,Continue reading “Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – By Jason Renard Walker”


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