Aggressive in Your Pursuit of Life: PrisonsKill in Conversation with Greg Curry

photo of Greg squatting back when he had longer hair. His hands are clasped together. He is in a teal prison jump suit and squatting before a painted background of some bright blue, some dark grey rock formations, and some grass. Little Black Train by Jacob Cohen plays in the background Someone’s voice: The goalContinue reading “Aggressive in Your Pursuit of Life: PrisonsKill in Conversation with Greg Curry”

“But Mainly To Fight”: An Interview with Solitary Resistor Troy Hendrix

“But Mainly To Fight”: An Interview with Solitary Resistor Troy Hendrix Little Black Train by Jacob Cohen plays in the background Someone’s voice: The goal of #PrisonsKill is to show you how prisons are inherent death traps, how they been letting us die before Covid-19 and that will continue to be so until we letContinue reading ““But Mainly To Fight”: An Interview with Solitary Resistor Troy Hendrix”

Transcript of “That Connection Can Transcend All of Their Fences: #PrisonsKill in Conversation with Sean and Lauren Swain

photo of Sean from Kansas City ABC – Sean is pictured in a white kufi with his hands up, seemingly indicating “hands up, don’t shoot.” Sean sports a blue prison uniform short sleeve shirt, a long-sleeve white undershirt underneath of it. He has a grey beard. Transcript of “That Connection Can Transcend All of TheirContinue reading “Transcript of “That Connection Can Transcend All of Their Fences: #PrisonsKill in Conversation with Sean and Lauren Swain”


[photo ID: Flyer for return of self-liberated enslaved person, description “$2,500 REWARD” in large black font on top, followed by “RANAWAY, from the Subscriber, residing in Mississippi county, Mo., on Monday the 5th inst., my NEGRO Man named GEORGE [in large bold font in the middle]. Said negro is five feet ten inches high, ofContinue reading “DRAPETOMANIACS by Pierre Pinson”

“Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami

Image by @sleepapointment NY Penal § 70.25 (5)(c) Disciplinary Code Rules and Regulations: 1.00 For those who are intimately familiar with these charges, then you can identify my struggle and the battle I have been fighting for more than two decades. Unfortunately, I face this extreme method that guarantees I will never see the lightContinue reading ““Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami”

Free Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah!

Image in black and white of Rev. Dr. Al- Fatah Stewart in Massachusetts at the time of the alleged crime in NY. He is wearing a suit and rimless black sunglasses and adjusts his tie as he looks at the camera (Source: Rev. Dr. Stewart) “My name is Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah Sha Sha Stewart. I’veContinue reading “Free Rev. Dr. Al-Fatah!”

Foreigners – By Safear

Image by @sleepapointment Sweat won’t stop leaking from my crevices. Droplets cascade under my arms like an avalanche. I’m slow broiling in the body heat of the foreigners around me. Their strange smiles and funny smells, the mix of Gucci fragrance and lavender lotion is giving me a headache. “How does it feel?” they askContinue reading “Foreigners – By Safear”

Covid-19 and Vaccine Update from Eastham Plantation by Steven McCain

photo: Eastham Plantation, an old concrete rectangular prison. There is a mix of dirt and a photo of Eastham Plantation, a drab gray building rectangular prism building, with an overcast sky and a mix of dirt and grass in the foreground. Eastham first started as a plantation for convicting leasing– source of photograph:  https://sites.rootsweb.com/~txhousto/Eastham.Prison.Unit.htm 2/12/2021Continue reading “Covid-19 and Vaccine Update from Eastham Plantation by Steven McCain”

Break the Chains: Ours, then Theirs!

source for photo: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chain_gang Shake Off the Manacles that Enfetter you, my friend,And those you love as well.Give those gyves away!Throw off the Hobbling Inertia that Narrows the Gate before us impassable.Hobbles are for horses, not for humans.Life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness lie just beyond the gate…Inviting…Taunting, Tempting, Tantalizing.Why stand we here idle?Have weContinue reading “Break the Chains: Ours, then Theirs!”

Mishandling of Covid 19 at Eastham Plantation

a photo of Eastham Plantation, a drab gray building rectangular prism building, with an overcast sky and a mix of dirt and grass in the foreground. Eastham first started as a plantation for convicting leasing- source of photograph: https://sites.rootsweb.com/~txhousto/Eastham.Prison.Unit.htm Chronology of EventsDec. 30, 2020 Random Covid testing conductedJan. 3, 2021 A resident in my dormContinue reading “Mishandling of Covid 19 at Eastham Plantation”

Love And Rage – By L. Swain

Image of L. Swain smiling, courtesy of L. Swain I remember the exact moment and exact place I first heard Sean’s voice. It was raining and I was wearing my cherry red doc martins while walking to class. At the ending of the segment, Sean always tags “If you are listening you are the resistance”Continue reading “Love And Rage – By L. Swain”

“They Gonna Have to Give Us Some Daylight.” Notes from McCormick, SCDC.

Image originally used by Oakland Abolition and Solidarity This is a transcript of a press conference that took place shortly following an uprising at McCormick Correctional Institution in South Carolina. A guard was briefly held hostage and several incarcerated people attempted to liberate themselves. Matt C is an organizer with the Party of Socialism andContinue reading ““They Gonna Have to Give Us Some Daylight.” Notes from McCormick, SCDC.”


“When the peace you are continuously urged to return to looks like powerlessness, humiliation, poverty, boredom and violence, it shouldn’t be a surprise many choose to fight and to witness the ferocity with which some of us flight, it’s almost as if we’ve been waiting for this moment our entire lives.” -Dispatches from Ferguson, Vol.Continue reading “UNCONDITIONAL WORK STOPPAGE FOR PAROLE & PAY WAGES – By Comrade Z”

Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington

photo source: https://www.texasobserver.org/penal-system-slavery-unpaid-labor-texas/ TDCJ Darrington UnitRosharon, TexasDec. 23, 2020 Z: Can you introduce yourself and give some background on you and your time atDirty Darrington Concentration Camp of Texas Department of Minimal Justice?What is the atmosphere there? GW: First and foremost, long live solidarity! And a special shoutout to all thebrave men and women whoContinue reading “Interview Between Comrade Z and Comrade GW at Dirty Darrington”

The Reality of the Modern Day Slave Complex – by Comrade Z

This post originally appeared on moongoosedistro.com. The Current Slavery Complex continues only because of its profitability. The Slaves perform Free Labor; they perform integral functions in the maintenance of the Slavery Complex; they provide secondary profit for companies that provide goods and services to the Slave Population. Texas Department of Criminal Justice men’s prison, Darrington Unit,Continue reading “The Reality of the Modern Day Slave Complex – by Comrade Z”

Mental Health, Abuse, and Neglect At Toledo Correctional Institution – By Mark Hinkston aka Mustafa

Image shows Mustafa in prison My name is Mark Hinkston (aka Mustafa) and I’m reporting from the other side of Amerikkka- from the belly of the beast (here at the Toledo Correctional Institution)! On 10-28-2020 mental health staff came to the restrictive housing (RH) unit where I was being held against my will.  As thisContinue reading “Mental Health, Abuse, and Neglect At Toledo Correctional Institution – By Mark Hinkston aka Mustafa”

END UNPAID LABOR: Stop Working For Free in TDC – By Comrade Z

Image by @sleepapointment Houston was right to reject a contract with a state program that exploits inmate workers. American businesses often bemoan the struggle to compete with companies making products in foreign countries where weak worker rights drive down the cost of labor. Profiting off the exploitation of workers is as unfair as it isContinue reading “END UNPAID LABOR: Stop Working For Free in TDC – By Comrade Z”

Tekkk$a$: Where Black Lives Have Never Mattered – By Comrade Monsour

Illustration by Mark Pernice Comrades, I am offering this piece as a part of the ongoing discussion surrounding the current socio-political movement in the furtherance of New Afrikan designation and human rights. Specifically, the topic of defacing or destroying symbols, statues and institutions representative of oppression and exploitation. Many people fail to grasp the significanceContinue reading “Tekkk$a$: Where Black Lives Have Never Mattered – By Comrade Monsour”

Equal Justice For All? (A Death Penalty Review) – By James P. Anderson

Image “I Didn’t Have to Die” by James Anderson Corporal Pat Tillman, a star California defensive-back who walked away from a fat NFL contract to fight for his country in the Middle East occupation, made the ultimate sacrifice.  The first “official” version was that he’d been ambushed by the enemy, but when evidence proved thisContinue reading “Equal Justice For All? (A Death Penalty Review) – By James P. Anderson”

Dear Anarchists – Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z

I come to speak about the personal stand that I am making against this slave camp. It is a known fact: Julio A. Zuniga, a.k.a. Comrade Z, is a certified member of IWW-IWOC. Said wobbly, is in fact a known activist to raise awareness about dangerous and illegal working conditions for any human being or animal.

THE TEXAS CRUCIBLE at Dirty Darrington Slave Plantation and Concentration Camp – By Julio A. Zuniga

How can people, organizers, abolitionists hacktivists, media, families of the general population ignore the largest monument of Confederacy in Texas? Texas Department of Minimal Justice is once again using oppressive tactics to cover up their own flaws. When will the black and brown communities stop swallowing their pride and allowing the racist regime to continue systematically stripping all rights from us slaves?

UPDATED PRESS RELEASE – By The Campaign to Free Indiana Political Prisoner Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun

Image: Bro. Khalfani pictured above in a light tan sweater with a necklace and glasses. We NEED OUR COMRADE HOME! On July 2nd, 2014, at 10:00 AM, Khalfani Malik Khaldun participated in a Telephonic Legal Conference regarding his (USC§1983) Civil Law Suit that has been ongoing since 2010. Judge Theodore M. Sosin, Marion County SuperiorContinue reading “UPDATED PRESS RELEASE – By The Campaign to Free Indiana Political Prisoner Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun”

We Can Breathe – By Eli-jah Amani Ogun

Image: Eli-jah Amani Ogun, pictured above, has been incarcerated five times, the first time being when he was a young teenager. For everything going on in this unjust world right now, especially the acquittal of Breonna Taylor’s killers. The reminiscences of a revolutionary,baptisteries in blood normalizes mortuary,Facts!lets go back,agricultural development of pre colonial times,divine mindsContinue reading “We Can Breathe – By Eli-jah Amani Ogun”

A Conversation With Stephen Wilson

Stevie Wilson, an incarcerated abolitionist organizer and educator with In the Belly and Dreaming Freedom Studying Abolition study group, is pictured above. (Source: Stevie Wilson)

What the CDC Doesn’t Want you to See – By James P. Anderson

It should first be understood and known that “What the CDC Doesn’t Want You to See” is the result of a recently published article in the Pacific Sun(.com) newspaper (January 6–12, 2016- “A Day on San Quentin’s Death Row”), which reported only a small fraction of the truth.

Part of the Storm – by Joergen Ostensen

I’m thinking of you tonight
As the wind picks up
Here on the pandemic-lonely bleachers
Beneath the cigarette ash colored sky
Where no stars are allowed to shine.

Prisons Kill – By Kiaza Loccentti

“Fellow Americans…” is how the presidents of the U.S.A. (United Snakes of America) love to address the nation on matters of “national security.” Our current president is no different. Yet, he is different. He is the first U.S. president to ever face a foe such as the one we now face. No it’s not a scorned woman.


Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center puede ser pasado por alto como otra bodega en el puerto para aquellos que no son iniciados, aquellos cuyas vidas no han sidas tocadas por los horrores del sistema penitenciario de América.

Update From FCI Jesup 7/26/20

This is day 22 of a 14 day quarantine. Go figure. On Thursday July 23, the folks came around and handed each of us a piece of paper: the results of COVID tests that everyone was administered on the 15th, 8 days prior. I’m positive, as is my cellie, and about 95% of this unit. That means we’re to be quarantined for several more weeks until everyone comes back negative.

Not Even 1% Of How This Prison Kills – Kiaza Loccenitt

My name is Kiaza Loccenitt. I’m currently housed in a Residential Mental Health Unit (RMHU). It’s supposed to be an alternative to the box (SHU). But in truth…It’s the worst jail I’ve been in, here the abuse is on camera (video and audio) and nothing is done.

Covid-19 Hits FCI Jesup: A Report from Inside

While COVID cases in the North have been on the decline, the states that re-opened earlier, Georgia being one of them, are seeing fresh outbreaks and an uptick in cases. I’m in a federal medium-security prison in Jesup. We’ve been on lockdown since April 1st because the BOP is doing everything but decarcerating, so they’d rather confine us to cages wherein it is impossible to socially distance with our cell-mates. While we’ve been lucky to not have any cases in the last three months, our luck has dried up.

Hopelessness is the Enemy of Justice (Covid-19 Hits Wabash Valley Corr. Facility) – by Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun

My name is Bro. Khalfani Malik Khaldun. I’m housed in a prison plantation here in Indiana called the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility. I have devoted at least 25 of my 33 years inside to liberation prison activism. Trying to fix the wrongs and make them right, which has been a protracted struggle. I fight for freedom, justice and eventual equality. We are seeking Justice as we destroy Hopelessness.

Dispatch From Inside The Belly

I’m still in the SHU, but in better spirits. I had to put my own situation into perspective, just as I did seven years ago. The man in the cell next door to me has been back here 14 months; someone else has been back here since November, and there are many others–a large portion of which are here for possessing cell phones, a device that people in the “free world” take for granted. I’ll be writing more about that soon–I know I say that a lot.


At 24 years old, I’ve been many places. A federal prisoner since I was 18, my youthful years have not been spent in college or at parties, or any of the other past-times that people my age do. Instead, I’ve lived my life in MDC Brooklyn; FCI Butner, North Carolina; FCI Schuylkill, Pennsylvania; and now FCI Jesup, Georgia. That is so because I am a victim of the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and their illegal surveillance of the Muslim community.

When White Men Looted

This past month, cities across the country, and indeed the world, have been swept up by uprisings and demonstrations, not only over the murders of George Floyd and other Black people at the hands of the police, but against the very institution of policing.

#PrisonsKill – By Tamar ‘Tay’ Malik

On Sunday December 6, 2009, I was watching disgraced NBA referee Tim Donoghy, who’d been sentenced to prison for gambling on his own games, on 60 Minutes, when the C.O. came out of his office and announced “lockdown!”

Just These Walls

In the SHU, in isolation, where a human is deprived of sensory stimulation, partially or totally, the mind tries to compensate for it. I get stuck often, without even realizing it, thoughts playing like a movie, bringing me to past events or contemplations of what could happen in the future.

#PrisonsKill Original Essay

Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center can be overlooked as just another warehouse on the harbor to those who are uninitiated, to those whose lives have not been touched by the horrors of America’s prison system.


Here you can read accounts of the abuse inherent to carceral settings by jailhouse journalists, prison abolitionists, formerly incarcerated people and loved ones of those directly impacted by the carceral state.

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