Call For Submissions

#PrisonsKill call for submissions:

#PrisonsKill is a project envisioned by a currently incarcerated comrade of ours. We have set up a Twitter page where currently and formerly incarcerated people and their loved ones can share accounts of abuses they have witnessed or experienced behind prison walls. As our founder wrote, “[we are trying to show] how prisons are inherent death traps, how they been letting us die before Covid-19 and that will continue to be so until we let this system die.” We believe there is immense power in creating a space like this, where those most impacted by incarceration can have a central voice in the discussion. This is not only an effort to honor the stories of our comrades but we hope this can become an organizing tool for the movement to abolish prisons, that so much depends upon understanding the conditions our incarcerated comrades are forced to live in. We also want #PrisonsKill to help unite our incarcerated comrades around the common experiences and the universal struggles faced by all captive human beings. If you have a story to tell, we are here to listen and to help you share it, on your own terms. Please write to us at this address: 

Albert Jackson 

PO Box 863

50 US Highway 46

Pine Brook, NJ 07058-9998

If you write to us please let us know what your preferences are for anonymity and pronouns. We are looking forward to learning and building with you. #PrisonsKill. 

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