#PrisonsKill By komrade underground

Image by James Anderson Prison kills. I hope by now, well into the year 2021, people have begun to see this truth. Covid-19 has highlighted the system made to kill us. People can now see that our lives, the lives of poor, Black and Brown folks, the prisoner class, are still not and will neverContinue reading “#PrisonsKill By komrade underground”


[photo ID: Flyer for return of self-liberated enslaved person, description “$2,500 REWARD” in large black font on top, followed by “RANAWAY, from the Subscriber, residing in Mississippi county, Mo., on Monday the 5th inst., my NEGRO Man named GEORGE [in large bold font in the middle]. Said negro is five feet ten inches high, ofContinue reading “DRAPETOMANIACS by Pierre Pinson”

“Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami

Image by @sleepapointment NY Penal § 70.25 (5)(c) Disciplinary Code Rules and Regulations: 1.00 For those who are intimately familiar with these charges, then you can identify my struggle and the battle I have been fighting for more than two decades. Unfortunately, I face this extreme method that guarantees I will never see the lightContinue reading ““Prison Convictions” are Systemic Abuse – By Tami”

Behind Enemy Lines: A Soul Rebel Rebels By Tamar Malik

Image depicts Tay, the author of this piece, and his Sun, smiling during a prison visit in 2019. I once heard the story of an elephant rehab in Thailand. It was said that people would trap these Asian elephants in the wild and take them for logging or circus work. The elephant would be placedContinue reading “Behind Enemy Lines: A Soul Rebel Rebels By Tamar Malik”

Freed Up: Martha Hennessy Speaks From Danbury

Image: The Kings Bay Plowshares Seven just prior to their civil resistance action in 2018. Martha is in the front row all the way to the right. Martha Hennessy is a Catholic Worker and longtime peace activist who has fought for the abolition of nuclear weapons. She is currently incarcerated for taking part in aContinue reading “Freed Up: Martha Hennessy Speaks From Danbury”

Foreigners – By Safear

Image by @sleepapointment Sweat won’t stop leaking from my crevices. Droplets cascade under my arms like an avalanche. I’m slow broiling in the body heat of the foreigners around me. Their strange smiles and funny smells, the mix of Gucci fragrance and lavender lotion is giving me a headache. “How does it feel?” they askContinue reading “Foreigners – By Safear”

Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – By Jason Renard Walker

Image courtesy of @sleepappointment – white lettering against a black background, “Protect Who? Reimagine Safety #AbolitionNow” above an image showing riot police in riot gear in black gear with white outlines with red x’s over their faces, to a symbol indicating the role of police in creating/fostering/embellishing settler colonialism, capitalism, anti-Blackness, ableism, cisheteropatriarchy, white supremacy,Continue reading “Corrupt Oversight: The Causes and Effects of Prison Violence – By Jason Renard Walker”

Covid-19 and Vaccine Update from Eastham Plantation by Steven McCain

photo: Eastham Plantation, an old concrete rectangular prison. There is a mix of dirt and a photo of Eastham Plantation, a drab gray building rectangular prism building, with an overcast sky and a mix of dirt and grass in the foreground. Eastham first started as a plantation for convicting leasing– source of photograph:  https://sites.rootsweb.com/~txhousto/Eastham.Prison.Unit.htm 2/12/2021Continue reading “Covid-19 and Vaccine Update from Eastham Plantation by Steven McCain”

6 Years With My Brother Jon by R. Ya’iyr Carter

photo of R. Ya’iyr Carter, the author of the piece. He is a Black man, who is bearded, wearing a white cap, white t-shirt, and maroon cargo pants. He is standing in front of a backdrop of the Pittsburgh skyline at dusk. [photo source: R. Ya’iyr Carter] In 2014 I met D-Boi playing poker inContinue reading “6 Years With My Brother Jon by R. Ya’iyr Carter”

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