Mental Health, Abuse, and Neglect At Toledo Correctional Institution – By Mark Hinkston aka Mustafa

Image shows Mustafa in prison

My name is Mark Hinkston (aka Mustafa) and I’m reporting from the other side of Amerikkka- from the belly of the beast (here at the Toledo Correctional Institution)!

On 10-28-2020 mental health staff came to the restrictive housing (RH) unit where I was being held against my will. 

As this mental health physician slid a packet of crossword puzzles into the crack of the door to the cell where I’m forced to live in. I expressed to her that was having suicidal thoughts and needed to speak with a mental health staff member. The mental health staff member began to laugh and walk away, making jokes about what I expressed to her with a corrupt correctional officer that’s been harassing me every chance he gets. [Note: this prison-official is unnamed because he conceals his identity behind a mask and hides his identification badge (or name tat) in violation of the ODRC’s dress code]. 

This is “the norm” for this mental health staff worker! And the mental health administrator knows of this inappropriate, unprofessional behavior, and has failed to do anything to stop the abuse and neglect of mentally-ill prisoners in the “care” of mental health staff worker! 

A prisoner here was having issues a month ago. He expressed to this mental health staff worker that he was feeling “disturbed” and would harm himself. Although he has a history of self-mutilation, this mental health staff worker walked off laughing then as well. This prisoner cut his arm wide-open in several places and as a result, had to be taken to a medical facility outside of the prison. 

This incident was brought to the mental health administrator’s attention shortly afterwards. But instead of the mental health administrator terminating this ill-mannered, unprofessional individual, she filled out the paperwork to have the prisoner sent to a residential treatment unit (RTU) and kept the negligent mental health staff worker here to continue the abuse and neglect of the prisoners on the mental health caseload. 

The Perfect Victims 

Mentally-ill prisoners make the “perfect victims” because most them don’t possess the mental capacity to articulate their issues of abuse and neglect. I’ve already given you—the people—the facts on a prisoner who hung himself right here in the RH area. Nothing was done about the role of neglect in the death of this prisoner. This served as an incident without a victimizer! Although mental health staff (as caretakers) had a prior knowledge that this prisoner would kill himself and they allowed him to do it for the sake of seeing if he would! 

To these tyrants here at Toledo Correctional Institution, prisoner lives don’t matter at all! 

Since 99.9% of the prisoner class of people are poor, there’s no light being shone on the abuse that we endure daily! 

For example- look at the case of Jeffrey Epstein. This very wealthy person hung himself in lock up and it was world news! It was broadcasted on every station with a media outlet in existence- Good Morning America, etc. Even Court TV showed extensive footage about the incident. 

The only difference between the death of Jeffrey Epstein and the death of the prisoner who hung himself was their “financial worth!” They were both human-beings in lock up! They both committed suicide. However, there was evidence that the prisoner here was coaxed into the act by prison officials and mental health staff. No one cared enough to look into it though! 

To the people’s army: I ask that you show these tyrants here at TOCI that someone cares enough to be concerned about me, your comrade, Mark Hinkston, and send your concerns and energy about this abuse and neglect to: 

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Director Annette Chambers-Smith, who can be reached at 614-387-0588. 

Warden May at TOCI: 419-726-7977 ext. 8 

Facility Health Administrator: 419-726-7977 ext. 622

And any media outlet that’ll speak about or print this s tory! How long will this injustice continue? It’s been too long! No justice, no peace! Power to the people. Reporting live from the other side of America!

Your comrade, 


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Mark Hinkston #707-808

To. C. I. 

2001 E. Central Ave. 

Toledo, OH 43608

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